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Are the Press and Investors Overreacting to Swine Flu Fears?

Swine Flu Deaths Spur Global Epidemic Fears

As Rich Matthews reports, a strain of swine flu is the suspected killer of dozens of people in Mexico, where authorities closed schools, museums, libraries and theaters to try to contain an outbreak that has spurred concerns of a flu epidemic. (April 24)

One way link building services-enhancing the value of my marketing website

One way link building services-enhancing the value of my marketing website

I consider one way link building, to be one of the most effective methods of increasing the value of my website. However, the problem was that I had no idea how to get those for my website. This is where NuReach Global stepped in to take care of the situation. Their search engine optimization processes helped me to increase the ranking of my website on the list of search engines and make the website noticeable by my targeted customer base. The web traffic flow to my website increased considerably within the first few days itself, and once I looked at the report they sent me, I knew I had made the correct decision by enlisting their assistance.

Generally, I consider inbound links a predominantly effective way to enhance the ranking of my marketing website. But getting those was never easy. I had a few incoming links from some of my friends’ blogs, but that was about it. NuReach Global showed me that what I had started was only the tip of the iceberg. Once they took up the task, it looked like the sky was the limit.

Using link directories is the most direct method of receiving one-way links for any website. NuReach Global posted my links in all major directories, including a number of directories I had not even heard about. Truly, they have an extensive database of directories and they use their resources to the fullest to bring better value for money to customers. In most of the blogs, there are comment sections where viewers post their reactions or thoughts. Including links to one’s website at the end of the comments is one of the best ways of getting one-way links. This is where NuReach Global excelled in their services; Inserting links to my site in the comment sections. I saw the blog posts that they put up to promote my site. The quality was excellent, far better than I ever hoped to get.

The social book marking is one of the recent trends in search engine optimization. In this method, people usually share interesting links and sites with others through bookmarked URLs. NuReach Global took care of this in such a way that you have to see the result to believe it. I got at least a thousand inbound links to my website within 10-12 days.

After witnessing the quality of service that NuReach Global is capable of providing to clients, I have no doubt that they are going to be on the A-list for me for a long time to come.

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Time Lines on Cuil Organize Responses to Your Queries

Time Lines on Cuil Organize Responses to Your Queries

Search Engine Land had a piece this week on a new feature at Cuil - time lines on some search results.

Cuil is a search engine founded by two former Google employees. It "organizes web pages by content and displays relatively long entries along with thumbnail pictures for many results," according to Wikipedia.

You can see an example of the time line function by looking at these Cuil search results for the Great Depression. Notice the time line window on the right of the screen. It stays there, even as you progress to more pages of the search. That particular search time line has entries covering a period ranging from 1929 to 1939. Mousing over the entries gets you more details.

I suspect the time line feature will add to Cuil's popularity.

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The Best F1 Racing, Maybe Even the Best Auto Racing, Period

The Best F1 Racing, Maybe Even the Best Auto Racing, Period

If you're not an F1 race fan please accept my apologies for this post. But as one who's been watching F1 for decades and sometimes commenting on said races for radio and TV, I can't resist suggesting that the new season is off to a terrific start. Controversies aside (there's been plenty of that) it's an absolute delight to see new teams and drivers up front. Brawn F1 has trounced the Ferrari and MacLaren teams and Jenson Button (not Hamilton nor Raikonnen) is the man to watch for the 2009 championship.

If that seems odd, consider that the young Brit, a decade ago, was a youth sensation predicted to be a future star. As sometimes happens in F1, Button was never with the right team at the right time.

The season opener in Australia was entertaining enough but the Malaysia GP topped it with a thunder and rain display that put an end to the fun far too soon. The Singapore race, next and F1's second event under the night lights, will possibly determine the championship. That's if it doesn't rain, if Ferrari gets its game right, and if MacLaren survives the latest Liargate accusations.

Racing in the Rain? My first experience was in a "Touring Car" race in Ontario's Harewood Acres circuit. I wasn't concerned about traction as I was pretty good at oversteering my much-modified VW on ice and snow but the sudden lack of vision due to spray from other cars as we headed into turn eight was unexpected. I survived with a first-in-class but in spite of the difference in speeds I can relate to the F1 drivers. Whether they can relate to me is doubtful unless someone remembers his amateur days. Regardless, I suggest that the 2009 F1 season is racing world's one to watch.

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Christina Aguilera Moulin Rouge


the rocky horror picture showscience fiction/double feature

science fiction/double feature

new technology for future

future store seena

SARASOTA ‘09: Films of the Week

SARASOTA '09: Films of the Week

DVD of the week? New York theatrical release of the week? Eesh, sorry folks. How do these overextended journalists do it? (Ms. Longworth, do tell.) On the road earlier this week at AFI Dallas, and now here at the Sarasota Film Festival, it”s been a chore just trying to find both the internet access and the time to write in between screenings and panels, meals and parties-and for those of us who aren”t 22 anymore, get in a few hours of sleep a night. Is it worth it? Does coverage of these smaller festivals that aren”t on the Croisette, whose suns don”t dance, hold interest for the out-of-town cineastes? If the film schedule”s solid, hell yes (or so says me). It takes word of mouth and whatever buzz can be mustered in this distracted world to raise the indies and smaller foreign films up, and the Sarasota Film Festival emerges as one of the better programmed regional U.S. fests out there (see also: IFF Boston, Cucalorus, Sidewalk, Nashville, and obviously SXSW). Not that I wouldn”t still be having a smashing time on booze cruises and singing karaoke (the ever-present film scenester”s late-night hobby of choice) and attending fancy luncheons with Jon Voight and festival honoree Bill Paxton. Hey, the festival treats their visitors like royalty; I couldn”t complain if I tried.

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You may remember me talking about a somewhat spontaneous trip to Roundrock that Libby and I took a few weeks ago. Because of said spontaneity, we hadn’t supplied ourselves with our usual bag of peanuts (unsalted, of course) to spread on the fallen snag for the crows.

Fortunately, we happened to be carrying around a big bag of feed corn in the bed of the truck. (Doesn’t everyone?) It had been there for weeks, originally intended as bait for one of the game cameras that we (I) failed to set up on a prior visit. So we pressed our thumbs into service, rubbing the hard kernels from the dry cobs and spreading them artfully on the fallen snag.

In recent months, I’ve noticed that whenever we park the truck near the snag and then get out to do whatever it is we do at Roundrock, I always hear the crows cawing in the near distance. I’ve told myself that they have come to understand that the appearance of the red truck in this part of the woods means peanuts will be served, so they’re spreading the word. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway.

The problem with this theory is that I have no control, nothing to compare it with. Since I’m not there when I’m not there, I don’t know if this cawing goes on all the time. It may have nothing to do with my arrival being tied in their clever corvid minds to lunch.

I’m not sure if the crows find hard kernel corn appealing. I expect it was gobbled up by some raccoons. We did use the remainder of the corn at our usual game camera spot near the pond. Perhaps I’ll get some shots from there of just who favors corn.

Missouri calendar:

Bobwhite quail begin calling.

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