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Adult Halloween Costumes

Tired of following the same routine every day? Make use of the festival of Halloween to infuse the element of fun in your life. Earlier, Halloween was considered as an occasion when children dressed up in fancy costumes. However, this trend was slowly adopted by adults and now Halloween costumes are as much adult as can be.

The highlight of Halloween is the fact that one can dress up in the most fanciful fashion. Halloween is very similar to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which roughly translates to ‘summer’s end’. Samhain was held to celebrate the closing stages of the ‘lighter half’ and the beginning of the darker half of the year. Ancient people believed that the seasonal change also weakened the demarcated boundaries between this-worldly and the other-worldly creatures. Traditional Halloween costumes would represent scary, larger-than-life beings such as ghosts, witches, skeletons and vampires. However, the modern Halloween costumes have an inclination towards making a person look sexy.


Ideas for Adult Halloween Costumes

There is no dearth of adult Halloween costumes in the online market. These costumes gives those who are normally restrained a chance to act out their fantasies and get wild, spooky or wicked by impersonating characters from fairy tales. Pirates, angels, witches, devils and princesses are evergreen character roles. However, if you are looking to don a different look, here are some fresh options to try out:


  • Goddess costumes: You can consider dressing up as Aphrodite or a Spartan princess or even Cleopatra. Goddess costumes always lend a demure yet daring, sweet yet sexy look. Both, a long frock or a mini dress along with high heels would suit the look perfectly. Some accessories such as a tiara, a neckpiece, an ethnic girdle can complete the look.


  • Cat costumes: The thought of a cat brings to mind a feline, graceful and sleek creature. So, you can sport a naughty, sexy costume and live up to the imagery that ‘cats’ evoke. Some online stores provide tigress and wildcat costumes too.


  • Geisha Girl costume: The idea of being a Geisha girl seems very exotic. However, on Halloween, when there is suspension of negative judgment, you can become a femme fatale, exquisite Geisha. 


Sexy Wear Avenue features a range of adult Halloween costumes in line with the trends of tomorrow. All these sexy adult Halloween costumes and more can be easily procured from www.sexywearavenue.com.


God Hates Techno

God Hates Techno

Toronto-based blogger and techno guru basic_sounds got together once more with synth master Minisystem for their fourth collaborative mix project Various Artists Mix - a beautiful journey into some of the best Minimal Techno.

Whenever I think of the term Techno as an overall genre, even though I”m a big fan of this music, I can”t avoid giggling to myself while I visualize in my head the phrase God Hates Techno from the classic early Threadless t-shirt design or the sample from Samantha Fu”s (aka Soulwax) Drugs, Dirty Dancing & Pounding Pounding Techno Music.

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The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

2009, 78 Minutes, USA

Shot similarly to Bubble, Soderbergh”s other low-budget digital drama featuring a cast of non-professional actors and utilizing “structured improv” (as the director called it in my interview with him), The Girlfriend Experience has made bigger news for the professional ringer who shoulders its story, 21-year-old porn star Sasha Grey in her first non-XXX role. (For my interview with her, click here.) From the official website:

Chelsea is an upscale Manhattan call girl who provides more than just a sexual encounter; for a price, she”ll simulate a complete romantic relationship-a girlfriend “experience.” Despite a wide variety of happy customers, Chelsea wants to expand her business. Her real boyfriend Chris, a personal trainer at a downtown gym, has come to terms with his girlfriend”s level of experience, not to mention the posh apartment they share as a result of her success.

But it”s October of 2008 and the faltering U.S. economy is on everyone”s lips. One of Chelsea”s clients, a Hassidic jeweler, advises her against keeping her savings in diamonds-”Diamonds have no value. Keep it in gold.” Meanwhile, she solicits advice from businesspeople (some of whom are clients) on how to achieve growth in a down market. Chelsea goes so far as to visit a sex connoisseur who runs an influential website and who promises Chelsea a favorable review in exchange for a free sample. Meanwhile, Chris finds himself at an impasse in his own career: training wealthy hedge fund managers, he”s generating plenty of business for the gym, but little of that lucre is coming back to him. Worse, his relationship with Chelsea has cooled–hardly a girlfriend experience at all. On the heels of a nasty web review from the sex connoisseur, Chelsea meets Philip, a new client from out of town who listens to her as she unloads her career anxieties to him. In Philip, Chelsea finally sees the promise of a real relationship-a real girlfriend experience-not just another transaction.

Sitting in my Brooklyn living room, I conducted my third and final Girlfriend Experience interview with film critic Glenn Kenny-a good friend, neighbor and colleague (for that matter, the guy who gave me my start in film journalism, damn him)-to jabber about his villainous supporting role as “The Erotic Connoisseur,” how the film reminds him of Richard Lester”s Petulia, the raunchy industry slang he picked up in his research, and whether he would”ve done a simulated sex scene if asked. [Warning: Mildly NSFW.]

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Also of note: Glenn”s set diary has been posted at the Auteurs”.

The Girlfriend Experience opens tomorrow in limited release, and is already available via Video on Demand. For more info, visit the official site.

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Eliminate credit card debt to make your life peaceful and happier

Eliminate credit card debt to make one’s life hassle free and peaceful. Debt is not a new problem; current economic recessions have resulted in large numbers of people who are faced with the twin dilemmas of unmanageable debt on one hand and filing for bankruptcy on the other. However, filing for bankruptcy is detrimental for your long-term credit history.


The first and the foremost step is to analyze the various options available and adopt an aggressive approach to improve one’s debt position. Begin with an analysis of their debt position and check whether it is completely out of hand or still manageable. A continued rise in credit card payments in comparison to a fixed monthly income is a warning sign and requires immediate action. Another indication of a debt situation spiraling out of hand is when you are using your credit card to pay for regular, household essentials such as groceries. 


Take an Expert’s Advice to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Expert advice is always beneficial and delivers the best results in one’s efforts to eliminate credit card debt. There are several advantages in using an expert agency’s services to settle debt. Listed below are some of them.

§         Custom made solutions for resolving debt problems

§         Adequate counseling to ensure the required changes in one’s spending and saving patterns

§         Established contacts and relationships help in quick solutions

§         No reporting to credit bureaus

§         Personal Information is kept safe and secret.


Experts can help in finding the best way to eliminate credit card debt. They usually begin by thoroughly assessing an individual’s financial position and create a customized plan based on this analysis. Custom made debt settlement programs are developed keeping in mind an individual’s financial position, past payment history and the total amount of debt owed, besides the number of the creditors. The length of these programs varies with the amount of the total debt. The savings commitments made and fulfilled by a client play an important role in ensuring the success of a debt settlement program. The road to recovery from debt is difficult but it is better to have known such difficulty and recovered than to not know the pitfalls of debt.


Achievesecurity.com has been a leading provider of debt settlement services and is well known for providing regular counseling and other services that help a customer achieve his/her goal of reducing debt.




The folding bike ready to go.

Here is the same bike ready to go. The owner said you will not win the Tour de France on it, but it was very handy non the less. 

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Change Your Image With Fashion Wigs

Wigs are becoming popular fashion accessories these days. In fact, most of the women want to change their look from time to time. And it is practically impossible to dye your curls and restyle its everyday. Thereby, the best solution is these fashion wigs that come in various colors and textures. However, it is better to know some insider tips before buying one.

The first thing you need to decide is the texture of the wig. Fashion wigs are made from both real human tresses and synthetic one. Hairpieces that are made from synthetic ones are cheaper. However, make sure that they look real enough. You can also get quality synthetic varieties that look realistic. In fact, you can easily take care of these synthetic extensions and there is no need to restyle them every time you wash them.

On the other hand, such extensions that are made from human tresses are very expensive as human hair is in limited supply. But these types of fashion wigs feel and look very natural. However, the quality of such extensions depends on the quality of the material used. Though wigs made from Asian hair are comparatively cheaper, the texture differs from European women’s tresses. Hairpieces that are made from European one are the best ones available, but they are highly expensive.

You will also need to consider the styles of these fashion accessories. Both full toupees and three fourths ones are available. You can cover your entire head with a full one. These extensions are ideal if you want to try different colors. The three forth ones are clipped to the top of one’s head. These fashion wigs too look very natural as your original hairline is visible. However, you need to be very careful while buying these three quarter extensions. Their color should match the color of your tresses closely.

The toupee that comes with a headband is one of the popular fashion accessories. It is a full extension that comes with a headband, which is attached to its front. The headband ensures that your own tresses is not visible and is ideal for those who are always in a hurry.

Fashion wigs are available in all styles and shapes. You can have straight, wavy, curly, layered or braided hairpieces. In fact, spiky or the wet look ones are also available these days. They also vary in length. It is better to go for one that suits your personality and appearance rather than the one your heart desires.

You can also have your fashion toupees customized. There are several hair salons and toupee makers that can trim your hair accessories to make it a perfect fit for your face shape.


Best Wig Outlet offers easy access to variety of styles, collections and provides the ultimate resource for hair wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces and costumes.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com

11 Tips for Fast Cash

Bumblebee Transformers Halloween Costume

Ok this guy has some serious talent and some serious free time. This could not have been easy to make! Check out www.hadean.org for my videos like this

How To Spend Your Christmas Money!

How To Spend Your Christmas Money!

I have a soft spot for this Pirate Supply Kit. Contains… “Red bandanna to protect your coif, black eye patch so you can walk the plank straight, tea-stained message in a bottle for your secret thoughts, “booty” bag of eight wooden gold coins to trade at port, Polly the Parrot pin, your new best friend who can sit on your shoulder and listen to your bellyaches, & a tea-stained treasure map so you don’t forget.” Who could resist?!

For those of you who have also been swept away with unicorn fever (it’s like avian flu, but different), how about a paper mache unicorn mask? Sure to terrify everyone in your immediate vicinity. This mystic unicorn mask is pretty sweet, too. If you’re more on the sane side of the fence, I like this mounted unicorn necklace, though when you think about it, the concept is a little grim. (“Whack the head off a magical animal & nail it to a plank of wood? Why yes, I did!”) Amazon — amazingly — turned out to be the unicorn holy grail. Everyone needs a unicorn colouring book, a unicorn fantasy charm bracelet, an enormous unicorn wall mural & a hideous/awesome hand-dyed unicorn t-shirt. That shirt is a bully’s wet dream, but I love it. Finally, this unicorn cookie cutter is almost enough to make me want to take up baking. Imagine unicorn cookies covered in sparkly sugar! Swoon central!

Silly but sweet little things from Gala’s Etsy favourites? Oh, why not! I am especially fond of the white rabbit hair comb & bat & swan rings from studiohalo. This gold PVC ruffle skirt would be awesome for go-go dancing on stage, & well, let’s just say I’ve had my eye on Healing Heart’s striped candy carnivale dress for a long time now. I also love the holographic dance skirt & leggings from Dancing Tree Creations (& I’m totally going to buy some).

If sparkling, iridescent knickers are more your jam, G&P Lingerie has got your booty covered with their violet babydoll & bows briefs. Always wanted your name across your fingers? Of course you have! Pretty much anything made by Sarah Seven is guaranteed to make you smile & swoon at the same time, & if you really want to blow someone away, why not just turn up wearing this neckwarmer?

For those of you who want to get organised for the new year, start here. I think this glow-in-the-dark zodiac calendar is wicked awesome. On that note, buy yourself a horoscope book for the year — they’re cute & awesome to pore over. Llewellyn’s 2009 Sun Sign Book has information for all the signs & if you ever have someone cute in your apartment & you don’t know what to say to them, this book is a great ice-breaker (promise). But if you don’t really care about anyone but yourself (oh ho ho, I’ve got YOUR number!), get one just for you. The zodiac books by Margarete Beim are really good — voilà, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn! They’re little, too, so perfect for throwing in your purse. For the super-hardcore, you can even buy a horoscope-specific calendar, with short forecasts for every day — Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn! For Virgos-in-training & other super-organised kids, Amazon has (from what I’ve seen) the best prices on the black daily 2009 Moleskine ($10.85) & the red version ($14.93). Day-a-page is totally the way to go! If you’re not so much into the horoscope thing, the Tim Walker 2009 calendar is completely awesome. The Bad Girl’s 2009 Rage-a-Day calendar is pretty cool too, with hangover cures, probing questions & pick-up lines.

Start the year on time with a brand new watch. Those of us who subscribe to the Jessica Wakefield school of thought on watches — she was like, so spontaneous & fun, & like, watches are for nerds! — need to get over it. Don’t worry, I’m right there with you. Sweet Valley High poisoned my mind! It’s time for a change! (Hur hur, get it?) This Dior Christal is my dream watch, but not necessarily the kind of thing you impulse purchase. The Juicy Couture couture fairytale watch is great (I love crests!), as is the Harajuku Lovers crest watch, which is only $55! The Dior Homme chiffre rouge is beautiful too, & would look great on a woman I think. Louis Vuitton has done an amazing job with their tambours — the automatic diamond diving lady & quartz diving lady are both totally magnificent. Uh, did you know that Lego make watches? The midsize classic white & just build it are my picks. Or you could go all out & snap up the Cartier Roadster in gold, like Rachel Zoe.

If you want something new to tote your treasures around in this year, check out this off-white leather fringe bag. Anna Lou of London does sparkly bags in bright colours with bows on ‘em, like this & this. J’adore! Valhalla does some nice bags too.

Do you love letters & typography? I do. Urban Outfitters has awesome alphabet tote bags as well as initial wallets. Sakura Designs will make you a custom initial necklace, too.

I always love to buy new things & assign meanings to them, like creating your own lucky charms. You can really do that with anything, but I am especially fond of origami cranes. If you want to go all out, you can buy 1000 & hang them up in your living room. If you’d prefer to be more subtle, this pink hanging crane mobile is pretty sweet. I also like this paper crane tote, these silver crane earrings, & this crane necklace.

Why don’t you go & buy yourself something dishevelled & delightful from Gibbous? Really. Why don’t you?

& if you got a really good cheque from Nana this Christmas, but all your bills are paid & you’re feeling a bit bored with your existence, these lace knuckles ought to do the trick.

P.S. New Zealand girls: run, don’t walk to your nearest Ricochet & Lush stores. Ricochet’s post-Christmas sale is major (I bought four beautiful pieces for $260 today — full price would have been almost $600), & at Lush if you spend over $50 you get one of their new products for free (like one of their amazing new moisturisers which is worth $50 itself!). Delicious!

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Archerfish - realtime personal Big Brother surveillance in a box

Archerfish - realtime personal Big Brother surveillance in a box

Archerfish is a new system which combines remote cameras, a web portal and mobile phone notifications into a self-contained snooper kit for watching home, office and your kids and neighbours. Yes it’s been done before, lots of times, but the product is worth investigating if only for the fabulously creepy video of the scary working Mom hunting down her innocent daughter in real time (keeping an eye on the kids, indeed). Classic marketing. Not cheap at $1999.00 (special offer $1499.00) plus $24.99 a month subscription.

 Archerfish is the first and only mobile video intelligence (MVI) solution available today. Using a combination of video cameras, intelligent software and your own custom web portal, it ‘watches’ your business or home for events you define as important: an expected delivery, for example, or an unwelcome intruder. If and only when these events occur, Archerfish finds you and tells you about it by sending a notification—along with video of the event—to your mobile device, email, or web portal.

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